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Experience and Security: The Foundation for Exceptional Websites and Mobile Apps

“Our framework is built upon Sky's extensive experience in developing websites across various industries since 2007. Sky Connectiva stands out by being accessible to everyone, from complete beginners to experienced app developers worldwide. We connect the dots.”

Henry Chong, S.Kom, M.TI, CEH (Founder, Sky Connectiva)

Sky Connectiva is the world's first comprehensive digital IT solution provider, offering end-to-end services from A to Z.

Start here, engage, and complete your digital transformation. Eternal usage guaranteed.
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Who is Sky Connectiva?

Sky Connectiva, operating under PT. Sembilan Karya Bangsa, specializes in creating custom websites and mobile apps that deploy rapidly and operate instantly, often in less than 10 minutes. Our solutions are designed for ease of maintenance and quick setup, allowing you to start selling with minimal delay. Focus on your project plan, and witness impressive results within hours.

For startups, we offer exceptional starter templates and connections to seeding investors. For large enterprises, Sky Connectiva has earned the trust of numerous major ventures and government entities, providing NDA-backed app whitelisting solutions.

  • For startups: We offer robust starter templates and connections to seeding investors.
  • For large enterprises: Sky Connectiva is trusted by major companies and government officials, offering NDA-backed app whitelisting solutions.

Our Lovely and Humbled CEO

The CEO of Sky remains committed to providing hands-on assistance and actively involves himself in tackling challenges. He expertly guides us through obstacles.



Our Vision and Mission

Sky Implements the MVP Methodology

We outpace our competitors, especially when your vision is bold and ambitious!

Sky prioritizes the most viable product first!
We accelerate your success faster than anyone else, particularly when your plans are bold!

For Product Owners: Experience unparalleled speed in development!
For Investors: Enjoy a faster return on investment (ROI)!

Our Products & Services

Sky Connectiva Simplifies Licensing

Experience hassle-free licensing for ready-to-use apps with our streamlined payment system. Sky Connectiva can also develop custom web and mobile applications for your company with our expert staff.

Comprehensive App Solutions

Get your Web, Mobile, or AR applications starting at just $300. We also offer Blockchain solutions from $1000, providing cutting-edge technology at unbeatable prices.

Rapid MVP Development

Our priority is delivering MVP apps that transition seamlessly from staging to production, ensuring you hit the market faster.

Social Media PR & Support

We offer comprehensive IG protection, recovery, unblocking, and unhacking services to secure your online presence. Our service: Professional Instagram Handling, Instagram Recover from Disable/Hack, Instagram Shopping, Instagram Verified, and Social Media Integrity

Outsourcing & Partnership

Enhance your team's capabilities by leveraging our skilled staff to develop web solutions on-site at your company.

App Audit and Review Services

Sky provides comprehensive app audits, from free testing to award-winning assessments, ensuring your applications are secure and perform optimally.

Award-Winning Strategies

  • Proven Secret Solutions
  • Viral Apps and Effective Methodologies

Reasons to Partner with Us

  • 1. Dynamic Team
  • 2. Ethical Communication
  • 3. Business-Oriented Approach


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Staff Quotes

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader .

~Henry Chong(President Director)
It always seems to be impossible until it's done.
So get do it ! I'm possible!

~Feb (Director)
Do Your Job Now,
Do not delay.

~Angelicia Tan (Secretary)
Do the most important things

~Ali Ridho (Trainer)

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